FAST FIVE: Climate-Kids' "Trump Is Endangering Our Future" Case Crushed By 9th Circuit Court

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The Ninth Circuit ruled that the children must look to the political branches – Congress and the executive branch – for action, rather than the courts.

“The plaintiffs have made a compelling case that action is needed; it will be increasingly difficult in light of that record for the political branches to deny that climate change is occurring, that the government has had a role in causing it, and that our elected officials have a moral responsibility to seek solutions,” .

Of course, it goes without saying that a lawyer for the children said the group intended to appeal the decision to a panel of the full circuit.

The Youth Plaintiffs will be asking the full court of the Ninth Circuit to review this decision and its catastrophic implications for our constitutional democracy,” said Julia Olson, executive director and chief legal counsel for Our Children's Trust, in a statement.

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