FAST FIVE: Austrian Chancellor Says Battling Illegal Immigration Is Just As Important As Climate Change

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For example, in his first interview with the international press since officially taking office last week, Kurz told the FT that his new government's top priorities will be fighting climate change and curbing immigration.

As Kurz explained, while protecting the environment is an important priority, fighting immigration is just as important.

Sebastian Kurz His government's program also calls to make Austria carbon-neutral by 2040, along with a ban on women under the age of 14 wearing headscarves in schools.

It was the government's duty to “protect young girls,” he said, decrying “influence…from immigrants from different parts of the world which I think dangerous in many areas.” He said he was proud that Austria was a “Christian-dominated country” marked by its shared Judeo-Christian heritage.

Kurz called it the “right coalition for the moment.” Perhaps Angela Merkel's flailing Christian Democratic Union can learn something from Kurz.

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