FAST FIVE: "A Munich 1938 Moment?" – Blain Asks How The Chinese Will React To The Trade Deal Signing

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It's likely to be a long list.  Of course, some of that stuff will be phase 2, 3-n (n+1) trade agreements, (if they ever happen) but you get my drift: 3 years of trade noise, dither and uncertainty, all so Donald can present it with fanfare, hordes of adoring fans, and razzle-dazzle the electorate ahead of the election.

The “trade-deal” (for want of a better term) gives him a marginally stronger chance of 4 more years before the US becomes an SEP (a Someone Else's Problem).

Source: “Yes, It's Possible: This Is How China Can Boost US Imports By $200 Billion” And let's not ignore the Huawei trap – that's an incredibly complex box of frogs in terms of not just supply chains, but systems tech.

  Overheated financial assets and the prospect of ongoing global trade distractions means Alternatives are worthy of more attention than ever.

If the supply of aircraft assets is limited, as it is, then the simple rules of demand and supply determine the economic value of the plane as an asset.

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