FAST FIVE: Globalization – The Most Ancient And Ever-Failing Utopia

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So far, every attempt to realize this utopia has failed miserably.

The Biblical story of the Tower of Babel-present in both Judaism and Christianity, but not in Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism-describes how God splits up a monolithic humanity into different linguistic groups and spreads them across the world.

The fundamental rejection of a homogeneous humanity is probably one of the reasons why Jews and Christians have produced the most competitive and prosperous period of human civilization.

In other words, inequality is a direct function of the size of the population: The more populous a community, the greater the interpersonal disparities within it.

Start caring about your own countries!” Now America's allies-confronted with this new reality-are forced to accept that their own countries and citizens will have to come first-an encounter that will make them more self-reliant, less globalist, and ultimately stronger.

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