FAST FIVE: 30 Year Boeing Quality Manager Says "Fly Something Else", Refuses To Fly On 787 Dreamliner

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He stated: “They started pressuring us to not document defects, to work outside the procedures, to allow defective material to be installed without being corrected.

Barnett says he remembered “several defective bulkheads being installed without having been repaired.” He also said that there was an issue with metal slivers. 3-inch-long slivers of razor-sharp metal would fall into areas where planes have sensitive wiring and electronics, he said.  He continued: “That surface below the floor board is where all of your flight control wires are, that's where all of your electronic equipment is.

It controls systems on the airplane, it controls the power of the airplane.

Barnett filed complaints with multiple members of the Boeing team, which he said led to his reassignment to a department that isolated him.  The FAA performed an audit substantiating his claims and even telling Boeing that no more planes could be delivered with those metal slivers.

Meanwhile, 800 planes that include them have already been delivered and Boeing felt customers didn't need to be informed.   “Every 787 out there has these slivers out there,” Barnett said.

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