FAST FIVE: NATO Secretary General Targets "Rising China": Why Cold War Newspeak Never Went Away

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However, if you look more closely at the graph depicted above, the number of civilian deaths is much higher than military deaths (by about 12 million).

The Jewish holocaust is recognised as one of the worst crimes against humanity in recent history.

The USSR agreed to the destruction of the Berlin Wall specifically on the basis that the western powers would agree to dismantle the war drive and that NATO would cease to expand its military bases any further.

And this is not only because if there was individual leadership in today's – and precisely in today's – world, then the military, political and economic resources would not suffice. What is even more important is that the model itself is flawed because at its basis there is and can be no moral foundations for modern civilisation.” Where are we now.

We have no place to condemn their rise as a threat to western stability.

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