FAST FIVE: Blain: "Musk Is A Product Of Our Age. Entitled, Arrogant, Unbelievably Rich And Powerful"

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 I have used that line: “head on spike” deliberately to illustrate a point.  No one really thinks I am seriously contemplating decapitation of the RMT Union Boss.

 Sensitivity has become a watchword – while everyone will shake their heads in disbelief at a hospital branding a cancer patient transphobic because she requested a lady doctor who was born female (it transpired she had been was a victim of child molestation), smart businessman will do whatever they can to appear balanced and considered, and show their awareness of such sensitivity.

Don't tell me he was found innocent in court last week and therefore has no case to answer.

I don't give a toss if he is a visionary, a great engineer, or whatever baloney he claims.

 It's difficult to perceive exactly what wrong Johnson is accused of – certainly he did nothing criminal that merited investigation in the UK.

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