FAST FIVE: "Trump Should Not Rely On NATO": The Once Formidable Alliance Has Turned Into A Gossip Circle

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But while our military attention was focused on the mountains of Afghanistan, the streets of Iraq, and the deserts of Syria, new threats have emerged-threats that most of our Western allies are wholly unprepared for.

Russia and China, fueled by chauvinism and motivated by dreams of imperialist grandeur, launched massive campaigns to expand their militaries and create robust intelligence apparatuses.

Sukhoi's new SU-57 lacks the latest stealth technology, and the Russian Federation has only been able to scrape together enough money to purchase 76 aircraft.

NATO's passivity over Russia and China has long established that they don't take the threats seriously; indeed, it's not clear they take their own sovereignty seriously.

While we try and disentangle ourselves from the quagmire that is the Middle East and Western Asia, we must reconfigure our large conventional military to ensure a position of strength and readiness, prepared to engage the threats of China and Russia without the support of our NATO partners.

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