FAST FIVE: "Dotard" Trump Downplays North Korea Missile Test, Says Kim "Has Everything To Lose" If He Acts In Hostile Way

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The statement suggests that “it's likely a test of a solid-fuel engine for intercontinental ballistic missiles,” said Kim Dong-yub, head of the research at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies in Seoul.

Saturday's latest provocation follows launches of a score of missiles this year alone, including two short-range ballistic missiles in late November.

However, in recent months, Kim warned that he would find a “new path” if the US doesn't ease up on sanctions and other policies that Pyongyang views as hostile.

“The best path forward with regard to North Korea is a diplomatic solution, a political agreement, that gets us to a denuclearized peninsula.

Washington's decision will determine what “Christmas gift” it will get from Kim and could prompt the North to take a “new path” from 2020, it warned.

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