FAST FIVE: "My Faith In Humanity Is Restored": Elon Musk Cleared In "Pedo Guy" Defamation Lawsuit

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“My Faith In Humanity Is Restored”: Elon Musk Cleared In “Pedo Guy” Defamation Lawsuit A year after Elon Musk hit the jackpot when the SEC decided to merely slap his wrist over his infamous “funding secured” securities fraud, the Tesla creator struck legal gold again on Friday afternoon, when a Los Angeles federal jury found that Elon Musk did not defame British cave explorer Vernon Unsworth by calling him a “pedo guy” on Twitter.

He did not address Unsworth, whose team had told the court earlier on Friday the Tesla CEO should pay at least $190 million in damages for his tweets about the diver.

The lawsuit had pitted a 64-year-old financial adviser earning a salary of about $33,000 against one of the richest and most famous men in the world, who told the jury he was worth about $20 billion.

A video clip of the interview went viral, drawing the ire of Musk.

But he's run Tesla and SpaceX as usual.

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