FAST FIVE: Kunstler: "All The Players In This Great Game Of 'Gotcha' Are About To Face The Consequences"

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What is the Democratic Party today.

And now, after three years of unchallenged wickedness, they literally face the moment of truth.

His scope was also supposedly limited to the issues around FISA warrant mischief – though those complex shenanigans may have led the IG to other related dodges, cons, and crimes outright.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Democratic caucus has been busy with ersatz impeachment proceedings, which are invidiously scheduled to continue next week as a smokescreen to conceal the Horowitz findings.

Barr & Durham are able to make things stick, most crucially genuine criminal culpability for the entire RussiaGate fiasco and all of its offshoots, including the most recent “Whistleblower” caper – a patently treasonous scheme.

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