FAST FIVE: 'War On Terror' Has Killed Over 801,000 People & Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Study

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A US Army soldier fires an M4 carbine rifle during partnered live fire range training at Tactical Base Gamberi, Afghanistan on May 29, 2015.

Notably, the report “does not include indirect deaths, namely those caused by loss of access to food, water, and/or infrastructure, war-related disease, etc.” By the end of 2020, the post-9/11 wars will have cost over 801,000 lives and $6.4 trillion.

“As the new Costs of War report and 3.1 million deaths should remind us, part of our responsibility must be to repair some of the immeasurable damage done and to ensure that wars like these never happen again.” The project's $6.4 trillion figure accounts for overseas contingency operations appropriations, interest for borrowing for OCO spending, war-related spending in the Pentagon's base budget, medical and disability care for post-9/11 veterans (including estimated future obligations through FY2059), and Department of Homeland Security spending for prevention of and response to terrorism.

The numbers have made their way into calls to put an end to the joint resolution to authorize the use of military force.

“Policymakers are concerned that the Pentagon's increased spending is crowding out other national purposes that aren't war.” Tyler Durden Sat, 11/16/2019 – 21:30 Tags Politics War Conflict.

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