FAST FIVE: Watch Live: Erdogan Rants Against Kurds At White House Presser, Praises 'Operation Peace Spring'

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Turkey and the US can move together to completely clean ISIS from Syria.

We left troops behind only for the oil.” – Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 13, 2019 “Erdogan is respected in his country and region,” Trump told reporters as the two leaders settled into the Oval Office, after giving a thumbs-up on the White House steps.

Crucially, McGurk has pointed the finger at Turkey, and more specifically at Erdogan and his intelligence services for providing state protection to the now slain ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, given as McGurk points out in the below series of questions that “Baghdadi [was] living in a safe house with well-prepared tunnels less than 5km from [the Turkish] border.” Former Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk, via US Embassy Syria.

Why, as a NATO ally, an alliance built on shared interests and values, do Turkish citizens who criticize your policies, particularly on Syria, routinely wind up exiled, purged, or jailed.

Are any of these groups now in NE Syria using American weapons.

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