FAST FIVE: Pentagon Official Warns China Exporting Killer AI Drones To Middle East

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05) that China is exporting a series of “next-generation drones” to countries in the Middle East, reported Flight Global.

“Beijing has made it abundantly clear that it intends to be the world leader in AI by 2030,” Esper said.

The drone sales are supporting China's expansion across the Middle East, which is home to many strategic US military bases, as well as, future and current routes for Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative.  “As we speak the Chinese government is already exporting some of the most advanced military aerial drones to the Middle East, as it prepares to export its next-generation stealth UAVs when those come online,” Esper said.

“Also, Chinese weapons manufacturers are selling drones advertised as capable of autonomy, including the ability to conduct lethal, targeted strikes.” China's AI killing drones are more frequently ending up in the skies above Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Nigeria, Yemen, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates.  Chinese drone exports to the region have risen in the last decade, cutting into the US' market share, something that has angered the Pentagon.   Esper didn't explicitly point out which AI killing drones were in question.

However, the CASC Rainbow is the most popular Chinese drone that is currently being exported to the Middle East.

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