FAST FIVE: Nobel Prize Winner Suggests Blasting Nuclear Waste With Lasers

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Nobel Prize Winner Suggests Blasting Nuclear Waste With Lasers Authored by Haley Zaremba via, Many have made strong arguments for the potential of nuclear power to be the clean energy solution of the future.

As the need to curb carbon emissions grows more dire, the ultra-efficient, zero-emissions energy provided by nuclear looks like a more and more obvious solution.  There are some major drawbacks, however, to nuclear energy.

In Japan, the government has been using so much water to keep the reactors at Fukushima from overheating since the 2011 disaster that they have run out of space to store it and have even considered dumping the radioactive wastewater into the Pacific Ocean.

Nobel laureate Gérard Mourou has proposed a novel solution that smacks of science fiction and revolves around blasting nuclear waste with lasers.

Morou and his research partner Donna Strickland won their Nobel Prize in 2018 for their work with Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA), a revolutionary invention that creates extremely rapid and ultra-powerful laser pulses with lots of different potential applications.

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