FAST FIVE: Musk-Einhorn Twitter War Erupts After Greenlight Responds To Tesla CEO's Taunts

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*  *  * Emboldened by Tesla's stock rising nearly 100% off its 52 week lows (and who knows what else), Elon Musk took to Twitter at about midnight Pacific Time to once again taunt short Tesla short sellers.

This time it was Greenlight's David Einhorn that drew his ire. – Keubiko (@Keubiko) November 8, 2019 Tesla skeptic Glenn Tongue responded by pointing out that Einhorn's letter didn't really have as much content on Tesla in it as it normally does.

– Charley Grant (@CGrantWSJ) November 8, 2019 Chris DeMuth Jr.

of Rangeley Capital noted that Greenlight was edging out the S&P 500 this year, while Tesla isn't even up 1% YTD: The brag:bps ratio is getting pretty high on this one.

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