FAST FIVE: ISIS Urges Followers To Unleash Wildfires On America & Europe

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ISIS Urges Followers To Unleash Wildfires On America & Europe By all accounts, the Islamic State has gone 'underground' and its fighters on the run, especially following the death of terror chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In the case of Lebanon, it should be noted, fires which came near the outskirts Beirut were specifically identified to be the result of arson.  Pro-ISIS media outlet released this propaganda poster, via the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Some depict American firefighters struggling against out of control blazes.  The latest poster (fourth in the series) threateningly names specific countries which should be targeted by ISIS followers in arson attacks.  “Ignite fires in the forests of America, France, Britain and Germany, for they are painful to them,” the text reads, according to MEMRI.

It's as yet unclear if any ISIS recruits in the West have actually attempted to act on the propaganda instructions; however, it's a significant security threat which European and US authorities will no doubt be on high alert for in the coming months.

There's also the danger that ISIS-sympathizers living in the West could conduct attacks “inspired” of the crude ISIS propaganda threat.   Tyler Durden Fri, 11/08/2019 – 15:30 Tags Politics.

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