FAST FIVE: Enter The Old White Knight: "Is Mike Bloomberg A 'Russian Asset' Too?"

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Enter The Old White Knight: “Is Mike Bloomberg A 'Russian Asset' Too?” Authored by James Howard Kunstler via, They say he has beheld the weenies of the field and found them wanting – no, dangerously feeble, limp, insipid, deluded unto a kind of hebephrenia – and now, just maybe, Michael “Mike” Bloomberg will don the old steel breastplate and Kevlar jockstrap, take up the lance, and sally forth in a Lincoln Navigator to slay the Golden Golem of Greatness stalking the land.

That's the scuttlebutt, anyway, or maybe more like a fevered dream of the restive elites stewing in their private equity aeries amid all this bothersome talk of wealth confiscation far out in the primary state flyover thickets.

Here's what is generally misunderstood about Michael Bloomberg's mayoral career in New York City.

For all of his gilded trappings, there's no denying that Mr Trump is beloved by what used to be known as the Salt of the Earth – more lately the “Deplorables” – despite the fact that the president may have actually never been on a New York Subway once in his well-padded life, while Mike was a renowned “strap-hanger” in his city hall glory days.

Also, President DJT is almost never seen dressed in anything but that straightjacket of a business suit and tie, gold cufflinks and all, while Mike has often appeared in Hamptons casuals of perfectly distressed blue jeans, polo shirt, and Gucci loafers which, these days, is tantamount to hippie garb.

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