FAST FIVE: America's Endless Wars: "At West Point, Graduation Day Felt More Like A Tragedy Than A Triumph"

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Recently, my mother asked me what I thought my former students were now doing or would be doing after graduation.

Along with just about every serving officer I've known, he would laugh if asked whether he could foresee-or even define-“victory” in that country.

Some of the armor officers among my students might even have the pleasure of indefinitely guarding that country's oil fields, which-if the United States takes some of that liquid gold for itself-might just violate international law.

There, they'll ostensibly train the paltry armies of those relatively new NATO countries-added to the alliance in foolish violation of repeated American promises not to expand eastward as the Cold War ended.

With the Russian threat wildly exaggerated, just as it was in the Cold War era, the very presence of my Baltic-based former cadets will only heighten tensions between the two over-armed nuclear heavyweights.

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