FAST FIVE: 2020 Election Is A "Significant Source Of Stress" For 56% Of U.S. Adults, New Survey Finds

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“Majorities in both parties say those in the opposing party do not share their nonpolitical values and goals.” That echoes language from a paper published earlier this year that found over 40 percent of Americans say the political opposition is “downright evil.” Against such evil opponents, “violence would be justified” if the opposing party wins the 2020 presidential election, according to 18 percent of Democrats and 13 percent of Republicans.

Yes, the fighting has gotten a lot more intense in recent years, but all this time the actual results that we have gotten out of Washington have stayed pretty much the same.

I am not suggesting that we should ever compromise on our most important values or that most of those “representing” us in Washington deserve to be there.

I do not know which member of the Trump family I was, but I clearly understood that I was related to President Trump somehow.

And do Republicans really believe that hating those on the left will turn our country in the right direction.

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