FAST FIVE: US Launched Airstrikes On Its Abandoned Ammo Storage & Command Center In Syria

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Fire at Ras al-Ayn, Syria, caused by bombardment by Turkish forces this week.

Image source: AFP The military described that a pair of F-15 jets “successfully” conducted the targeting of the ammo storage site, destroying what the Pentagon wanted to ensure didn't get left behind, calling it a “pre-planned precision airstrike” before Turkish-backed fighters could take control.

The US destruction of the cement factory as a parting shot of its involvement in Syria is a sad coda on its role in this sordid affair.

Photo is of the ISIS jihadis who took the factory in Sept 2014 from one of their videos – Joshua Landis (@joshua_landis) October 17, 2019 Defense officials further said the US ensured no other forces were in the vicinity when operation occurred, given potential they would have mistaken it for an attack on their positions.

The US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had also set fire to their part of the base just ahead of the airstrikes, according to reports, in what appeared a highly coordinated attempt to make sure it's no longer usable as a military post.

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