FAST FIVE: Apple Warned Apple TV+ Showrunners Not To Anger China

Published by on – Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) October 12, 2019 Apps yanked Last week, Apple removed from the iOS App Store – an app which helped Hong Kong protesters track, elude, and stage counterattack operations against the police.

It's an ironic inversion of a longstanding argument in the West that by bringing China into the world trade system, the country would adopt western values.

The removal of was one of a series of actions Apple took at China's instigation in the past week.

Apple removed the Quartz app from its app store in China – “Presumably because of the excellent work our team in Hong Kong has been doing covering the protests,” Quartz technology editor Mike Murphy said – and removed the Taiwan flag emoji for iOS users in Hong Kong.

In the US, those numbers were around 80% and the US government did not make any app removal requests.”  Read the rest of the report here.  Tyler Durden Sat, 10/12/2019 – 20:20 Tags Technology Internet.

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