FAST FIVE: Ukrainian President Insists Trump Did Nothing Wrong: "There Was No Blackmail"

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Ukrainian President Insists Trump Did Nothing Wrong: “There Was No Blackmail” As Democrats and their media allies turn up the pressure on President Trump with this latest report about the president allegedly trying to do favors for his political allies (something that everyone in politics does, to one degree or another), perfectly timed to coincide with the NatSec meltdown over Trump's decision to let Turkey have northeastern Syria, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy once again denied that he had been blackmailed by Trump during the now-infamous July 25 phone call that's at the center of the Dems' impeachment crusade, Bloomberg reports.

Zelenskiy claims it's simply not so.

“It wasn't a subject of our talk.” Zelenskiy said he wasn't aware when he spoke with Trump that the US had put a hold on the military aid that Dems say was used to blackmail Zelenskiy (reports have shown otherwise: Zelenskiy reportedly wasn't aware of the hold until he discussed it during a later meeting in Warsaw with Vice President Mike Pence).

II – that is, if Hillary Clinton doesn't decide to come out of retirement herself and seek the nomination for a rematch against Trump.

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