FAST FIVE: UK 'Poll Of Polls' Shows Support For Brexit Faded As Negotiations With EU Stalled

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In all honesty, the fact that 'leave' hasn't seen a larger drop in support should be encouraging for supporters.

UK PM Boris Johnson and outgoing EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Whatever the case may be, with support for a second referendum on the rise, the Evening Standard has performed an analysis of more than 200 public opinion polls that have been conducted since the referendum.

And it found that support for Leave has slumped while support for Remain has climbed.

According to political analysts who have been closely following the situation, this would virtually guarantee a snap election (since Parliament has proven time and time again that it can't come to an agreement on the withdrawal agreement).

According to the FT, which published a probable timeline for the as-yet-unconfirmed vote on Wednesday, Oct.

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