FAST FIVE: Another Disaster? FAA Finds Cracks On Wings In 5% Of Older Boeing 737s 

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FAA Finds Cracks On Wings In 5% Of Older Boeing 737s  At this rate, maybe President Trump is right, Boeing should change their name and rebrand the company.  A new problem for Boeing has developed in the last several weeks, and it's not related to the 737 MAX, but rather an earlier 737, called the 737 Next Generation, or 737NG.

After a comprehensive inspection of 737NGs across the world, Boeing has said 36 737NGs have developed cracked wing supports, resulting in emergency groundings of the damaged planes with pending repairs, USA Today reported.

What engineers found when they deconstructed the airplanes was surprising.  The damaged component is called the pickle fork, and it looks exactly like it sounds — a fork that attaches the wings to the fuselage.

The cracks were discovered on 737NGs that were heavily flown.

The FAA warns the cracks could “adversely affect the structural integrity of the airplane and result in loss of control of the airplane” if not fixed immediately.  The news of cracked wings comes several days after European flight regulators raised new concerns about the flight-control system of the Boeing 737 MAX.  Tyler Durden Thu, 10/10/2019 – 14:55 Tags Disaster Accident.

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