FAST FIVE: Secretary Of Defense, Incorporated

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In fact, I'd wager that only a tiny segment of Americans could name the current Secretary of Defense-and far fewer could pick him out of a lineup.

Trump's appointment of Mark Esper as head of the largest and most active Cabinet department, and the new Defense Secretary's near unanimous approval by the US Senate, is no less of a scandal than Trump's apparent efforts to seek foreign interference in the 2020 elections.

In typically lifeless language, Esper replied that “On the advice of my ethics folks at the Pentagon, the career professionals: No, their recommendation is not to.” How's that for accepting responsibility.

His three Secretaries of Defense (one of whom, Patrick Shanahan, was only acting head) have been unapologetically ensconced in the world of defense contracting and corporate lobbying.

Enter Mark Esper, Raytheon lobbyist extraordinaire.

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