FAST FIVE: 'Smoking Gun' Link To Tehran In Aramco Attacks? Forensics Team Examines Weapons GPS

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Forensics Team Examines Weapons GPS In what should be taken as perhaps the greatest indicator thus far that the US and Saudis don't actually have proof Iran was behind the Sept.

Inspectors from around the world – including the US, France and the United Nations – are scrutinizing pieces of the weapons from the attacks, which temporarily knocked out half of Saudi oil production and rattled the global economy.

The probe is going forward as Washington and Riyadh weigh a response to the attack.

If only such sincere multi-national efforts were made regarding advanced weaponry in the hands of ISIS recovered from the Syrian and Iraqi battlefields.  Regardless, at this point it's clear President Trump desires to avoid major war at all cost, something the Iranians have assured will happen even if there's so much as a “limited” US one-off strike.

So the question remains, assuming forensic investigation of the weapons involved can in fact link the attacks to Tehran, what is the White House ready to do about it.

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