FAST FIVE: On Campus Of 30,000 Students, Less Than 10 Attend University's White Privilege Workshop

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Of the remaining seven students, five are members of the university's conservative Young Americans for Freedom chapter, who were there more out of curiosity and concern about the nature of the seminar and its taxpayer-funded narrative as opposed to learning about how they allegedly perpetuate racism and inequality as Americans with white skin.

Finally, the other two students attended because their professors offered them extra credit to do so, they told The Fix.

The two-hour meeting was led by two campus diversity facilitators who spoke on topics such as feminism, white privilege, toxic masculinity and LGBTQ equality, and outlined their own definition of racism, one that claims that while racial discrimination can be targeted at anyone, by anyone, racism itself stems inherently from white people and their “whiteness.” At the end of the workshop, at least two conservative students said the information presented seemed focused on blaming white people and whiteness for racism.

This definition made me feel as if I was in the wrong for simply being myself and accepting the body I was born with.” “I think the creators of this event had good intentions, but – we had two different definitions of racism.

He said the statements from the facilitators were vague and contradictory and “attempted to distort evidence in order to advance a specific narrative.” “University-sponsored events like these are deeply concerning,” he said, “especially when some students who aren't as politically active may hear one-sided theories, which are divisive without being shown any plausible solutions to their proposed issue of racial tension on campus.” Tyler Durden Sat, 09/21/2019 – 23:15 Tags Education Social Issues.

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