FAST FIVE: Canada's "Wokest" PM Just Took A Hit In The Polls After Blackface Scandal

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Scheer had a 3.2 percentage-point lead in the previous survey published on Friday.

And of the second poll, Reuters summarizes: The Liberals were leading in a Mainstreet poll published by iPolitics on Saturday, but had lost 0.4 percentage point from the previous survey compared with a 0.2 percentage-point slide by the Conservatives.

Dear @JustinTrudeau, now there's a video.

Any Liberal scandal doesn't significantly increase Conservative support, but would go to the NDP or Greens,” said Marc Di Gaspero, of consumer research firm Potloc.

Analysts cited by Reuters suggest Trudeau's lingering blackface scandal might not necessarily cause a mass exodus of Liberals in terms of support, but would most likely see many more simply stay home compared to if the damning images had never emerged.

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