FAST FIVE: "They've Created A Snowflake Market" – Mark Spitznagel Warns Of "Dangerous Over-Reliance" On Central Banks

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Something really big is coming.

While this is a common theme from the guru of tail risks, he nailed it then; and again late last year as he warned before the December collapse.: “All assets are priced where they are today because of central banks.

You should be concerned about the risks you're taking relative to the reward that you might get, but some people are just looking for returns and they say a year ago the ten-year treasury was yield 3 percent, today it's yielding 1.60.

MS: That's right. I've been saying for years that I've been saying for years that central banks can never step away from this.

But we also have to think about price levels ticking up at some point.

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