FAST FIVE: The Triumph Of Candidate Trump's Foreign Policy: Backing Off 'Disastrous War' With Iran

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“He will do everything he can to avoid a kinetic engagement with another country.” Trump's aversion to taking a war-footing with Iran was also seen in the president's latest Fox interview Thursday morning, set to broadcast Friday, where with characteristic ambiguity toward the ratcheting gulf tensions he said he wants a “peaceful solution” which would be “good” but it remains that “it's possible that that won't happen.” “You may have some very strong hit, we're the strongest military in the world by far,” said Trump during the interview.

Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) after he advocated for a military response against Iran – aligns with his “America First” approach to foreign policy and his distaste for military adventurism in the Middle East.  Of course, a commander-in-chief who desires to avoid costly wars (true to his campaign promises) has been met with general derision by mainstream pundits – some of which even on the left have suddenly begun championing uber-hawk Bolton as some sort of exiled “resistance” figure.  It must be remembered that anytime President Trump bombed Syria (he's done this twice) major network pundits momentarily gushed over him looking “presidential”.

During Wednesday's luncheon, Bolton said the planned response had gone through the full process and everybody in the White House had agreed on the retaliatory strike.

* * * Put simply, do Americans want war with Iran? No! – a recent Gallup Poll found.

(Gallup, July 2019) – Negar Mortazavi (@NegarMortazavi) August 20, 2019 Indeed, the president's “crime” appears to be listening to the American people, which overwhelmingly according to every recent poll desire to “bring our boys home” and halt US regime change wars abroad with no more Iraq or Libya repeats.  Tyler Durden Thu, 09/19/2019 – 19:25 Tags Politics.

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