FAST FIVE: Hong Kong Begged 8 Global PR Firms To Help Rebrand Amid Protests; They All Said No

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“But Hong Kong's fundamentals remain very strong .

the time will come for us to launch a major campaign to restore some of the damage done to Hong Kong's reputation,” she added.  The government said it “has no immediate plan to conduct a procurement exercise of a similar nature.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, Lam confirmed the government had approached PR companies but had been advised that “the time is not right” to rebuild the image of Hong Kong.

According to a copy of the government brief carried by the Holmes Report, a PR trade publication, the government was aware that the ongoing protests have raised concerns over Hong Kong's reputation “as a global business and financial hub with a stable environment underpinned by the rule of law” and the safety for business travellers and tourists.

The campaign would have targeted “business persons, investors, entrepreneurs, politicians and high-income leisure and business travellers” from Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.  Out of the three international PR firms contacted by the Guardian that reportedly turned down the government, Ogilvy said in an email it had decided not to proceed “after an assessment regarding the availability of our internal resources to meet required timelines as stated in the RFP (Request for Proposal)”.

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