FAST FIVE: Saudi Arabia: Iranian Weapons Used To Attack Oil Sites

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Saudi Arabia: Iranian Weapons Used To Attack Oil Sites Update: It's official – after Trump over the weekend put the ball squarely in the Saudis' court, saying the US was “waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!” – Saudi Arabia has responded by saying it was indeed Iran, confirming that “Iranian weapons” were used to attack its oil facilities.  After the US apparently ruled out Iraq as a launching pad on Monday, following Baghdad's firm denial, it looks like Riyadh appears to be pointing to a potential direct cruise missile or drone attack from Iranian soil.  *US Tells #Saudi Arabia that Oil Attacks Launched by Iran — Sources *US Rules Out Iraq as Launching Pad for Saudi Oil Attacks — #Iraqi, US Officials.

*Pompeo Calling Regional Leaders, Expected to Speak to UAE Crown Prince Monday — Sources #OOTT #Iran #OPEC – Summer Said (@summer_said) September 16, 2019 As expected, things are escalating fast and the ball is back in Trump's court – he could be preparing to this time follow up on prior threats of being “locked and loaded”.  * * * While US officials were quick out of the gate to allege an Iranian attack on Saudi Aramco facilities launched from Iraq early Saturday, a theory which the WSJ said was focus of an ongoing US-Saudi investigation, Iraq's government issued a firm denial on Sunday, which followed Iran's own denial that condemned Washington's “maximum lies”.  Saying there was no link to Iraqi soil and the attack which caused oil prices to spike to record levels the moment markets opened, initially surging to as much as 18% before retreating after President Trump authorized use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to “keep the markets well-supplied,” the Iraqi government further vowed to “punish anyone who intended to use Iraq as a launchpad for attacks in the region.” Fires rage after the attack on Abqaiq facility, screenshot via Reuters. – Ali Ahmadi (@AliAhmadi_Iran) September 16, 2019 “We assure the Saudi regime that our long hand can reach wherever we want, and whenever we want,” Houthi spokesman Yahya Saree said.

The statement added threateningly:  “We warn companies and foreigners not to be present in the facilities that were hit in the strikes because they are still within range and may be targeted at any moment.” Meanwhile, the official US position still seems to be Mike Pompeo's sentiment expressed soon after the attack that there was “no evidence” it was carried out from Yemen.  US and Saudi officials, still amid an ongoing investigation, told reporters over the weekend they are “certain” the attack actually originated from Iraq, especially as the debris and precision targeting show a level of “sophistication” which would link it to Iran's elite IRGC.

This as Trump said the US is “locked and loaded depending on verification” of the source of the attack.

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