FAST FIVE: The Censorship Of Alternative Media Is Virtual Book-Burning

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They tend to be united politically and they've been busily working toward silencing opposing views on the internet, branding them as “dangerous” or “ignorant.” Members of the alternative media, writers of alternative health news, and opinion bloggers are being censored at a rapid clip.

Popular pages like The AntiMedia (2.1 million fans), The Free Thought Project (3.1 million fans), Press for Truth (350K fans),  Police the Police (1.9 million fans), Cop Block (1.7 million fans), and Punk Rock Libertarians (125K fans) are just a few of the ones which were unpublished.

There are multiple ways that alternative media outlets are losing money.

Suddenly, with the last update, my pageviews plummeted from about 20,000 per day to 6,000 per day.

It's fine when it happens to the crazy people or those with whom you disagree.

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