FAST FIVE: Militarization Of North Australia Is A Must To Win A War Against China, Report

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Northern Australia is key to Australian international engagement in support of our strategic partnerships.” This comes at a time when Washington and its strategic allies are falling into Thucydides Trap, referring to China, the rising power, challenging the US, the status quo, could one day lead to a shooting war somewhere in the heavily contested South China Sea and western Pacific waters.

Senator Reynolds said Australia had been warned it must militarize its northern borders amid threats of Chinese expansion in the Indo-Pacific­ region and prepare for the US losing its “milit­ary primacy” in the area.

ASPI suggests troop deployment in the North is at decade lows calls for a “single scalable defense ­and national security ­ecosystem.” Senator Reynolds said about 13,000 Australian Defence Force (ADF) troops are stationed in the North, and “thousands more participate in operations or training scenarios across the North annually.” “We host over 2,500 US Marines and Air Force members in Darwin yearly, providing security benefits for Australia and the United States by deepening our interoperability and enhancing capabilities through increased combined training and exercises, stepping up our engagement with regional countries, and better position both nations to respond to crises in the region,” she said.

Both reports stress: Australia needs to fund military infrastructure projects across the North to combat a rising China.

“At a national level our fuel reserves­ and refining capacity are too thin.

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