FAST FIVE: Epstein Created $577 Million Trust Days Before His Death

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“He probably knew he was going to take his own life” or may have thought “he could have been murdered in jail. He could have thought, 'I need to get my ducks in a row.'” Epstein's personal property is broken down as follows (via the Daily Mail):  Once Epstein's other assets are factored in, his estate is likely to exceed $600 million.  A few of those assets were noted in a court filing submitted by prosecutors for the Southern District of New York last month.

'In addition, the safe contained 48 loose diamond stones, ranging in size from approximately 1 carat to 2.38 carats, as well as a large diamond ring.' It then noted: 'The Government is currently unaware of whether the defendant maintains similar stashes of cash and/or jewels at his multiple properties, or in other locations.

“It was shift work, all designed by someone who had infinite resources to try and get as much comfort as possible,” said a lawyer who was often in the jail visiting clients.

-New York Times Meanwhile, Epstein bought off other inmates by depositing money in their commissary accounts, according to the report.  He also seldom bathed and remained unkempt according to the Times – except photos of Epstein from the day he died revealed a shaved mustache, so chalk that one up to fake news or a fake Epstein – take your pick.  Epstein's photo from New York State Sex Offender Registry The night of Epstein's death, there were 18 workers guarding the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), which holds around 750 inmates.

At some point, the guards fell asleep, according to two Bureau of Prisons officials.

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