FAST FIVE: After Allegations Of Druggings And Rape, Epstein-Pal And His Modeling Agencies Come Into Focus

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The agent appears more than 15 times on flight logs from Epstein's private plane, jetting everywhere from Paris to New York, often in the presence of young women.

According to one of Epstein's housemen, Brunel was comfortable enough to whip up his own meals in the financier's kitchen, and was one of Epstein's most frequent callers.

Lessons are free and you can have 1st today if you call.” Epstein also extended a $1 million letter of credit to Brunel which was used to invest in Paris-based Elite Models.

Her modelling work never recovered and she embarked on a career in television, always behind the camera.

There was one time where he rubbed himself up against me.” “The guy was a vile pig”┬ásays former Brunel photographer and scout Clayton Nelson.

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