FAST FIVE: MSM Smears Sanders For Saying MSM Smears Sanders

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CNN's segment on the story insinuated multiple timesthat there is no evidence for Sanders' claims of biased coverage by WaPo.

CNN anchor says Bernie and his campaign manager @fshakir calling out the media's pro-corporate bias is a “really dangerous line.” – Ib (@IbrahimAS97) August 13, 2019 Of course, what is actually dangerous is placing blind faith in a mass media institution for no reason other than to prevent that institution's representatives from getting outraged and indignant when you don't.

There is no law that says plutocratic media must be trusted by the public and praised by politicians, and if there were that law would belong in the toilet.

Many journalists – either for self-serving reasons or due to genuine befuddlement – are completely misinterpreting Bernie's media critique.

“In fact, they regard the media as a sham.

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