FAST FIVE: Guess Who China Is Blaming For The Riots In Hong Kong?

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It appears to be just a matter of time before a major crackdown happens.  It is being reported that China has been moving troops toward Hong Kong, and the Chinese are also now refusing to allow US warships to make stops in Hong Kong.  Apparently they are afraid that the presence of US warships may escalate the situation, and so they don't want to take any chances.

And it may be a very long time until the US Navy is able to use Hong Kong ports in the future.  At this point, the Chinese have concluded that “external foreign forces” are responsible for the protests in the city, and the finger of blame is being pointed directly at the United States.  The following comes from NPR- Along with its increasingly strident rhetoric, Beijing has encouraged conspiracy theories now popular within China that the protests were instigated and funded by the United States.

In a second press conference last week, China's office on Hong Kong blamed “external foreign forces” for the protest, citing several meetings US leaders had with Hong Kong pro-democracy advocates in Washington this spring.

national news program on CCTV, China's state broadcaster.

I can't imagine why?” Trump tweeted Tuesday.

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