FAST FIVE: Petition Calls For Joe Rogan To Moderate The 2020 Presidential Debate

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“Joe Rogan has an audience containing viewers from all areas of the political spectrum.

Joe Rogan is not registered under any political party and is well-known for having civil, productive, and interesting, conversations about political issues without partisan bias,” the petition said.

Some said Rogan would talk about the real issues rather than letting cable news networks and their corporate sponsors dictate the topics and questions.

In other words Joe will really listen to what people have to say (with no political agenda in mind) and agree with the morally right people and when he agrees with a policy or an idea its cause he truly believes in it and not cause the Democrat party supports it or visa versa .

Here are some topics Rogan could talk about: the wealth inequality gap, 50% of Americans don't have $500 in their bank accounts, the housing affordability crisis, abolishing the Federal Reserve, endless wars in the Middle East, the national debt, and possibly how to stop the rise of the military-industrial complex.

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