FAST FIVE: Millennials Consider Living In 'Glampervans' Instead Of Overpriced San Francisco Apartments 

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The company is called “Glampervan,” which is based in San Francisco, turns commercial vans into full-blown glamping vehicles, has a bed, kitchen, refrigerator, table, and a rooftop deck.

But he's increasingly getting calls from people not looking for a place to camp, but a place to live.

More coming up on @abc7newsbayarea – Liz Kreutz (@ABCLiz) August 10, 2019 “Glampervans,” which range from $50,000-$90,0000, can be outfitted with queen-sized beds, a dining table, a kitchen with a sink and refrigerator, cabinet space and even a portable toilet.

“I used to commute two hours a day to work, now I'm five feet to the front door of my office here,” he said.

About 400 miles south in Los Angeles, about 10,000 vehicles are currently acting as shelter for 16,525 people this year.

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