FAST FIVE: Becoming The "Gray Man"

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Blending in, laying low, recognizing dangers, and situational awareness all play a role in this concept.

You want to be as invisible as possible, so while keeping with the general tone of attire others are wearing, you'll want to make sure you wear muted colors, avoid prints (yes, even camouflage), and don't accessorize.

Avoid any military-style clothing.  That makes a statement and ensures you will not appear invisible to others.

Most importantly, you will want to learn to think like a “gray man.” Changing the way we think is difficult, and impossible for some.

Watch the video below for some great advice: Learning to be a “gray man” could save your life.  Blending in while being forgettable and not leaving an impression on anyone will allow you to go about your business with very limited altercations.

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