FAST FIVE: "There Is No Excuse For What Happened" – 50,000 Con Ed Customers Lose Power During Deadly Heatwave

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While most of those affected had the option of beating the heat by staying indoors, power outages in Brooklyn and Queens left more than 50,000 people temporarily without power – and thus, no AC – subjecting them to the punishing heat, which was blamed for at least six deaths.

“We have been through this situation with ConEd time and again, and they should have been better prepared,” Cuomo said in a statement.

Brooklyn neighborhoods impacted include Canarsie, Flatlands, Mill Basin, Old Mill Basin, Bergen Beach and Georgetown.

Near accident at dangerous intersection of Mill Ave & Ave U in #MillBasin #Brooklyn where traffic lights out due to power outage plaguing S Brooklyn @CBSNewYork – Lisa Rozner (@LisaRoznerTV) July 22, 2019 ConEd has asked customers to try and conserve power while it works to repair equipment.

But whether ConEd turns the AC back on or not, everybody will feel some relief on Monday as the heat wave is expected to pass and heat advisories are expected to be lifted for a large swath of the US.

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