FAST FIVE: Searches For "Canceling Amazon Prime" Soar 18X On Prime Day

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Search intelligence firm Captify said: “If Amazon is hoping to use Prime Day as a way to sign up and retain new Prime members, they might need to rethink their retention plan.

Amazon now offers monthly memberships for those who don't want to sign up on a yearly basis, as well.

The average Prime member spends $1,400 a year on Amazon, which is more than double the $600 spent by those who are not Prime members.

At the same time, searches for Best Buy were up 255% and searches for Walmart were up 130% on the day before Prime day.  Rohaan Dullabhai, a senior insight strategist at Captify said: “Consumers are becoming more and more savvy.

Inconspicuously absent from the press release were estimated revenue numbers, any commentary on margins and total purchase volumes compared to the year prior.

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