FAST FIVE: Pirate Nation: Why Britain Hijacked Iranian Ship On Behalf Of Washington

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Authored by Tony Cartalucci via, Had Iran openly hijacked a vessel of any nation, for any reason, plying through waters anywhere on Earth, the US and its allies would immediately cite it as a provocation toward war.

The article would quote the British ambassador to Iran who claimed: [The UK] welcomes this firm action by the Gibraltarian authorities.

Stealing Ships from Stolen Land to Enforce Illegal Sanctions  The UK's presence in Gibraltar itself is a point of contention between London and Madrid.

While Iran has regularly threatened to impede shipping through the Stait of Hormuz in retaliation to Western military aggression – it has never acted upon these threats – reserving them as a means of last resort.

The countervailing multipolar order emerging across Eurasia has an opportunity to oppose this flagrant provocation – not merely on Iran's behalf – but to erode the impunity that will allow the US and UK to target the ships of other nations in a similar fashion if afforded impunity to do so to Iran now.

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