FAST FIVE: "Trucking Apocalypse" Continues As 40-Year-Old Cali Trucking Company Shuts Down "Effective Immediately"

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40 year old California trucking outlet Timmerman Starlite Trucking, Inc.

The company announced the shutdown on its Facebook page.  Owner Colby Bell said: “We tried to provide a healthy work environment for our employees and give them the best wages and benefits we could.

Larger carriers are able to recover most, if not all of this in the form of a fuel surcharge.

Recall, just days ago we documented  that regional truck carrier LME “suddenly and abruptly” shut its doors.  The company is a regional carrier based in Minnesota that operated throughout the Midwest.

It also worked with major companies like 3M, John Deere and Toro.  The company reportedly included “over 600 men and women” and has been listed as having 382 power units and 1,228 trailers, with 424 truck drivers.  LME had previously been entangled in litigation with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regarding disputes with Lakeville Motor Express, which shut down abruptly before Thanksgiving 2016. Lakeville had to declare bankruptcy after it was ordered to pay $1.25 million in backpay. .

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