FAST FIVE: AOC Says "Fascist" Trump Running "Concentration Camps" Along Southern Border

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But that didn't stop her from breaking the first rule of public speaking: Just don't mention the Holocaust or Hitler.

The situation in the US has become a crisis as freedom slips away in the face of an “authoritarian, fascist president.” “I don't use those words lightly.

Meanwhile, the US has been dealing with record numbers of immigrants crossing the border, many of them declaring asylum, and, once they are processed, are often released on their own recognizance.

90% of the time, asylum applicants released on their own supervision never return for their next court appearance.

Of course, AOC and her fellow progressives should try coming up with a border security plan of their own now that everybody acknowledges that the crisis at the border isn't “made up,” and that unmitigated amnesty probably isn't the best response.

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