FAST FIVE: The Road To Perdition – 10 Cautionary Tenets About US Air Power

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The question is: What's driving this process?  For many of America's decision-makers, air power has clearly become something of an abstraction.

American air power pulverized both North Korea and Vietnam (not to speak of neighboring Laos and Cambodia), yet the Korean War ended in a stalemate and the Vietnam War in defeat.

Then bombs and missiles, even “smart” ones, do go astray.

Pounding peasants from two miles up is not exactly an ideal way to occupy the moral high ground in war.  The Road to Perdition If I had to reduce these tenets to a single maxim, it would be this: all the happy talk about the techno-wonders of modern air power obscures its darker facets, especially its ability to lock America into what are effectively one-way wars with dead-end results.

For this reason, precision warfare is truly an oxymoron.

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