FAST FIVE: Fake "Made In Vietnam" Certificates On The Rise As China Looks To Skirt Tariffs

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Authored by Damir Kaletovic via, In addition to the already long list of aftershocks from the US-China trade war, including the number one fear of global recession, or higher prices for American consumers, we're seeing a completely different perspective on the “Made in China” label. By a sleight of hand–or labelling–the trade war has prompted “Made in China” to become “Made in Vietnam”, even when it wasn't.

At least, that's the accusation coming out of Vietnam right now.

With that in mind, Vietnam is keen to close up this “Made in Vietnam” loophole–even if it is a belated response.

The rise in America's protectionist tendencies, according to the same survey, shows that over 40 percent of US companies in China were “considering or have relocated” production facilities outside China.

While some of that may have been an anticipatory response to the next round of tariffs.

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