FAST FIVE: Wilbur Ross Warns Not To Expect A US-China Deal At G-20 Meeting

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Well: a return to square one, such diplomatic relations are now well in negative territory:  “The most that might come is new ground rules for discussion and some sort of schedule for when detailed technical talks might resume,” said Mr Ross.

The aerospace execs present are also closely watching developments in the US-China trade talks, which US officials said were nearing a deal before the talks reached an impasse last month.

Ross' attempt to sooth over the situation, left much to be desiredL “Even real shooting wars end with negotiation, and this will ultimately end in negotiations,” Mr Ross said.

Meanwhile, D-Day draws near:  seven days of hearings begin Monday in Washington during which businesses and other stakeholders will weigh in on the newest proposed tariffs, and businesses will then have an additional week-until July 2-to provide comment.

“The Chinese are the ones who precipitated the crisis, they're the ones that will have to end it by letting us know we'll go back to where we were.” In short: no deal.

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